The Answer

With the eruption of abuse and so many social vices, it has become clear how decadent and degenerated our society is, and as usual with humans, when faced with a problem, we look everywhere else but ourselves, we look for who to blame, somebody else has to be at fault but us.

We are quick to point a condemning finger and spot a menacing look, but do we ever stop to think of the steps that must have led anyone to commit such acts, because if we did we would know that it could take some variations in our lives to become like them.

God forbid, you say, I could never point a gun at a man and rob him off his hard earned money, I could never commit internet fraud, I can’t look at another person and violently abuse them and so much more, but one thing you have in common with that person is that you are from a family.

Our families together makes up our society and when the family fails, the society follows like drought follows lack of rain. As much as our parents and elders do their very best, a person can’t take you above where they have been, you have people who have issues they haven’t dealt with raising people with the same unadressed issues and faulty mindsets, basically we have been recycling failures, generation after generation and each generation takes it up a notch, with the way things are now, the past is bound to repeat itself.

The only thing that gives me hope in the midst of this growing darkness is the one who is light himself and he has called the whole world to partake of his light empowering them to be light even in the midst of gross darkness, he is empowering people to do better and to be better, he is calling us to come out from our destructive and familiar patterns, from the way things are to the way things should be, he is calling us into true love, real unconditional love, peace and joy that we can only give if we are connected to him.

Let him in, really, in the midst of the chaos and changes, he is the solid rock we can always trust on, Jesus is my solid rock and he is the answer for the world today.



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