I was stained so I hid my self, I felt I couldn’t measure up with my pairs, I felt I couldn’t show my face before God so I stayed away the more, but with each passing time am drenched more in my stain, it felt so difficult to level up so I lived in self isolation.
reminiscing on how I got stained in the first instance made me hate on my self more and couldn’t give myself the chance to forgive myself let alone God, for it was to frequent.

I have always known the simple law of nature ” when one is stained he wash “. I knew the truth but yet I couldn’t get it to work, I couldn’t lift myhead up with thoughts that am the worst , imprisoned in my mind. I couldn’t pray because I thought am too stained, but just like the law of nature why would I restrain myself from washing all in the name that am too dirty.

But then I was reminded of the free forgiveness available, not until I learnt how to live by the truth I know, I remained stained..

Saying you can’t pray Cox you have committed plenty sins is like saying that you won’t shower because you are too Dirty.

By joessiglow


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