Once upon a time I argued that it was impossible to shot down your thought and have a quiet time, maybe I was a voracious thinker if there ever a word like that or maybe the busyness associated with this times didn’t alow one to have a quiet time.

The Cosmo is kinda designed to sponsor repetition. Every one going to and fro seeking for life and livelihood any how and any way they can and the question is have they really had a quiet time, a deep thought and cognitive perception and directions as to life and what life is to them individually.

I wasn’t so much of a fan of quiet time due to the preparation I thought associated with it until I came across a classical book. The practice of the presence of God by brother Lawrence. And from it I learnt the simplicity of quiet time.

what is quiet time: there are many literature and dozens of books on the subject matter however I bet to define quiet time as a state of peaceful controlled thought. Note the word peaceful as not to mistake quiet time to worrying. It’s a state of closing the gates of thoughts, allowing your mind to brood over the necessary.

So without further I do let me introduce you to 3 easy times to observe quite time. And the joy of this is that it can be done daily..

1. First thing in the morning:
Waking up in the morning, most people has a natural tendency to reach out to their smartphone either to check time or updates. But if you can lay aside the smartphone at this hour of the day it’s so much easier to observe quite time even for as little of 3 to 4 minutes as no need for planning, the environment is calm and peaceful and you don’t need a special position/postures or preparations.

2. In the bathroom:
Have you heard this cliché or virtual addition,
Bathroom plus phone equals 30mins or Bathroom plus phone plus data equal, we die here.
I too am a doer .. but in recent time I have seen it to be another perfect time to steal quietness. How do I mean?.. when the water drops on your head and send down cool feeling down the spine, you feel some kind of peace and quietness and if you cash in on that moment is another window of 3-5 minutes of quiet time.. this is exactly my favorite.

3. Before you sleep: have you heard must productive and effective leaders we admire talk, they Hinge on being proactive and planning your day a night before. So after the social media perusing or work, you can take some few minutes and have a wonderful quiet time. At this time there is an opportunity to evaluate how your day went, where or were you got it right or need improvement and plan for the next day.. it’s also proves to be an effective way to vanish worries. The night is naturally calm and quiet and if only one can take advantage of it.

I think this generation is so much consumed with social media, multimedia with a daily average Tim spent to be 4hrs and so many other things that contest for our attention. The randomization of events and reality keeps everyone in a busy loop. Maybe it might be easier to have a quiet time in my grandfather Times.

Am not a master in this topic to determine the effectiveness of one quiet time but I do know that quiet time differ from worrying in that the former reenergize while the later drains energy.
And while they are also no one route to it but one has to lay aside every distraction within the set time and pick up the virtue of sincerity to enjoy the effectiveness of quiet time.

Quiet time…
So here you have it was it helpful?
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